Meditation I abstract choices


Acrylic and oil on canvas

100 x 80 cm

Your story is about my story. And I believe my story about meditation will touch your experience. You want that deep connection with your heart. You want your mind to just shut up. You need a break, that flow state.

“Meditation is the way in which we come to feel our basic inseparability from the whole universe, and what that requires is that we shut up.

That is to say, that we become interiorally silent and cease from the interminable chatter that goes on inside our skulls.

Because you see, most of us think compulsively all the time.” Alan Watts

This painting is all about meditation…structure, strong colours, and what’s the most important- the ENERGY.

Your walls are going to be powerful, yet peaceful. You know already in your heart if this one is calling you.

I am already grateful for that great place of yours where this painting will get the spot on.


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All of my canvases and paints are professional grade. Paintings are made with only the highest quality materials. Every canvas will be packed really carefully. The canvas is ready to hang it on wall and you do not need a frame for displaying purposes.

If you would like to see what this painting would look like on your wall you can send me a photograph of your space, where you would like to hang the painting and I can do a mock- up for you. Just make sure that the photo is taken from a straight- on view point.

Paintings are signed on the back of the canvas. If you wish to have a signature on the front as well, please let me know.

I’m happy to answer your questions, please contact me. Giving my Customers the best service is my priority, so please let me know if there is any other way that I can assist you.

You like this painting, but you feel like you need something else, maybe similar but other way, I offer also commission work. Please let me know.



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